LinkedDataHub Cloud is a managed service for LinkedDataHub applications

The Cloud builds on the open-source version of LinkedDataHub and adds UI- and CLI-based dataspace management. Using Cloud, you don't have to maintain your own instance of LinkedDataHub or manually configure dataspaces — that is done automatically and hidden behind a user interface.

The documentation is split into separate tabs where there are differences between the standalone LinkedDataHub and LinkedDataHub Cloud.


Dataspace hierarchy

In addition to end-user and administration applications, LinkedDataHub Cloud introduces a special type of dataspace called context. Contexts are used to group dataspaces; they are the first level of hierarchy while dataspaces are the second, similarly to GitHub's user/organization accounts and repositories.

A user or software agent can create any number of contexts and any number of dataspaces in a context.


We are working on making LinkedDataHub dataspaces publishable to the Cloud with a click of a button.

Date Created
17 March 2020 20:44
Martynas Jusevičius
Martynas Jusevičius